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If seeker-of-historical-artefacts Indiana Jones was a real person AND a watch enthusiast, No. Paul Newman's Daytona would be number one on his list of "Great Lost Timepieces". Phillips will auction the watch that gave collectors a new term for the dial Rolex referred to as "exotic".

This is arguably more important than any Omega Replica Watches that was sent to the moon, or the Steve McQueen Heuer, famously photographed in racing gear with the actor. Omega is not to be blamed, but more wealthy collectors are chasing Rolex Daytonas rather than Omega Replica Watchess.

Why is there such passion, devotion and obsession with the references 6239 6241 6262 6263 6264 or 6265? The so-called Rolex Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona, in any order you choose to read these words, acquired a cult. It was probably started by Italian enthusiasts during the late 1980s. And where they go, we go. "Double Reds"? "Pointed Crown Guards"? It was the Italians who invented all of this.

It is undeniable that it is the most sought-after wristwatch among all. Add up all the people who want to own a Omega Replica Watches, or movie watches like Valentino's Cartier Tank,Rolex Replica Watches or watches that rock gods have, such as Elvis' Hamilton Ventura. The total would not be enough to reach those who will do anything for a Paul Newman. His actual example, though? There is a blank record book waiting for the seven-figure or even eight figure amount that this will bring. The record-breaking Rolex “Bao Dai Ref. 6062”? Who cares about it? You're no longer relevant.