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The Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon's mid-case is designed to maximize the volume and resonance of the sound. There are three openings for each of the three chimes. This allows the sound to travel outside the case without being obstructed.

Bulgari has also fixed the chimes of the movement directly to the casebody, allowing for maximum sound transmission. This is made possible by the titanium case. Bulgari even hollowed out and redesigned the back of case, with a titanium grid to protect this resonance zone. This allows audio to be projected from the case.

Bulgari continues to state that the BVL428 gongs are forged manually before being annealed in a 900 degree oven. The surface of the metal is cleaned, and then heated in an oven to 500 degrees.Franck Muller Replica Watches This gives it physical properties that are necessary for crystallized resonance. A master watchmaker adjusts each gong, coaxing the notes necessary for a Westminster Chime. Bulgari states: "The melodic series of this Carillon, with three hammers, plays the C note for the hour, the mid-re,C notes in succession for the quarters and the mid for the minute."

Bulgari's BVL428 has two barrels to power all the functions.Tudor Replica Watches The first barrel is dedicated to the chiming system, which is designed so that it re-arms itself each time the chime trigger is triggered. The second barrel provides 75 hours of power to the timing mechanism. It must be manually wound.

The Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon uses the new Caliber BVL428 which measures 35mm in diameter and 8.35mm thick. It has two barrels: one for the striking mechanism, and the other for the time apparatus.


Move with ease

Mechanical manufacture caliber 428 with manual winding and minute repeater. 3-hammer carillon Westminster chime with tourbillon. 75-hour reserve. 21,600 VpH. Skeletized movement with bridges coated in black DLC.

Case & Dial

The 44mm case is black DLC-coated titanium with a matte finish. It has an open-worked middle-case that was designed to improve sound performance.